Teeswater Old Boys Executive

Steve Tiffin, Co-Chair
Adam Ireland, Co-Chair
Marcie Gowland, Secretary
Judy Gowland, Treasurer
Julia MacDonald, Vice-Chair

2019 Committee Chairs

Advertising and Publicity; Corporate Sponsorship – Janelle Blackwell
Classic Vehicles – Dan Whytock and Dave Millen
Bar – Tammy Elphick
Clean-up and Sanitation – Lisa Thompson and Dennis Schiestel
Club Reunion – Doreen McGlynn
Concerts – Julia MacDonald
Dance and Entertainment – Larry Hayes
Decorations – Cherie Hauck
Town Beautification – Colleen Moran
Food – Debbie Ireland and Kathy Jarvis

History – Warren MacDonald
Invitation and Registration – Lynn Fischer
Kids Activities – Rhonda Culbert
Merchandise – Heather Collins and Krista Fischer
Parade and Band – Blair and Vanessa Scott
Park and Accommodations – Mark Ireland
School Reunion – Margie Bates and Shannon Henry
Reunion Art Show and Display - Liz Grant
Reunion Mile - Devan Ballagh and Gord Ripley
Special Events and Sports – Tammy Fischer
Volunteer Management – Diane Foxton

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